The Owner

The Owner

Kara Underwood Gordon

Photography by Helen Burken

I found my calling at six years old…

The memory is vivid and clear: the luxurious limo ride, the carefree dancing, the dazzling dress and the cake, almost too pretty to eat (but not quite)… it was my first wedding. But more than that, it was my first taste of joy and the power of such a simple pleasure. I didn’t know exactly what I would be when I “grew up,” but I knew it would involve weddings. Mesmerized by this magnificent milestone, I spent the next decade cutting up my mother’s catalogs, piecing together dresses, positioning floral arrangements and styling table settings – planning the perfect moment.

Eager and inspired, I packed up and plopped down in Chicago after college, determined to take the next step toward my dreams: opening my own invitation and consulting business. After years of coping with the corporate world; unwavering effort, perseverance and 3 a.m. nights; and endless moral support from my family and friends, my childhood calling was complete and Magnificent Milestones opened its doors in December 2007.

Even after years of planning weddings, executing events and designing one-of-a-kind invitations, I still see myself as that wide-eyed six-year-old, captivated by the development, details and delight a wedding brings.