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Before ordering, here are answers to some important frequently asked questions!

Are appointments recommended?
Yes. By scheduling an appointment, you sit down with the owner and designer of Magnificent Milestones, receive one-on-one attention for any and all questions and sip champagne while you browse. To schedule your appointment, email us at invitations@magnificentmilestones.com.

Can I change the font styles, colors and/or designs of the invitations?
Yes. Fonts, colors and/or designs can be changed at no additional charge. We view each design in the albums as a sample. The options are endless!

When should I order my invitations?
By scheduling an appointment six months before the wedding, you have time to browse, gather pricing information and consider all options. We recommend coming back to place to order five months before the wedding. This will ensure time for proofs, revisions, calligraphy, stuffing, stamping, etc.

How many invitations should I order?
You will need one invitation for each couple, family or individual that you invite. We recommend that you round up your order if you are unsure of the exact number of guests.  This accounts for anyone that you may have accidentally forgotten or would like to add.

Will I receive a proof before my invitation order is printed?
Yes. You will receive a PDF proof via email for approval after your order is complete. You can continue to make changes to the proof until the design is perfect.

When should the wedding invitations be mailed?
Your wedding invitations should be mailed 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding. If you are hosting a destination wedding or plan to schedule your wedding over a holiday weekend, we recommend that you send your invitations 8-10 weeks in advance.