Your magnificent milestone

From sweeping centerpieces and pristine place cards to floor-length fashion and edible elegance, nothing should be short of spectacular. And it all begins with that first introduction… the invitation. As the preface to a new chapter, the invite gives a glimpse into your next step and sets the tone for this special affair.

Memorialize this occasion with an invitation that does just that.

Combining a passion for paper and a love of planning, Magnificent Milestones designs custom invitations for your special moment. We launched in 2007 to encourage brides, grooms, moms, and event planners alike to fall in love with our inspiration: the power of the written word. We invite you to explore gorgeous paper, clever wording and unique embellishments to commemorate your occasion.

We look forward to sharing our ideas, inspiration and invitations with you!

Kara Underwood GordoN

I found my calling at six years old…

The memory is vivid and clear: the luxurious limo ride, the carefree dancing, the dazzling dress and the cake, almost too pretty to eat (but not quite)… it was my first wedding. But more than that, it was my first taste of joy and the power of such a simple pleasure. I didn’t know exactly what I would be when I “grew up,” but I knew it would involve weddings. Mesmerized by this magnificent milestone, I spent the next decade cutting up my mother’s catalogs, piecing together dresses, positioning floral arrangements and styling table settings – planning the perfect moment.

Eager and inspired, I packed up and plopped down in Chicago after college, determined to take the next step toward my dreams: opening my own invitation and consulting business. After years of coping with the corporate world; unwavering effort, perseverance and 3 a.m. nights; and endless moral support from my family and friends, my childhood calling was complete and Magnificent Milestones opened its doors in December 2007.



• As a result of being a mom to 3 (darling) boys, I know just about every type of construction truck and dinosaur species.

• My choice of drink was rosé looooong before it was cool.

• I watch Bravo. A lot of Bravo.

Sarah Baran

I’ve had an artist’s eye my entire life…

From the moment I first held a paintbrush to the day I received my degree in Art History, art and design have always been the centerpieces of my life.

As a self-described stationery guru, I have found that some of the most beautiful aspects of personalized paper goods are not necessarily metallic foil details or elegant fonts. What makes a custom paper piece simply stunning is its inherent individuality. It turns a simple feeling or message into something truly special. What could be better than receiving a handwritten, heartfelt “thank you” or “hello” on gorgeous paper? In my book, absolutely nothing!

After years of experience working with creative people in creative fields, I am thrilled to help others envision the countless possibilities when it comes to paper personalization, from the perfect font choice, to stunning color combinations, to just the right amount of sparkle and shine.


Fun Facts about Sarah

• I lived in Mexico for three months in college. I was the tannest I have ever been (and probably ever will be again).

• Mary Berry is my idol and everything I aspire to be.

• I’m a total audiophile and love crafting themed mixes and playlists in my spare time.